Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

T-Mobile Is Upgrading Its Network To Adopt iPhone

In last several months, T-Mobile has shown its interest in getting the Apple’s top charted iPhone device in their offering lists, but it appears that Apple is not happy from the T-Mobile, and has not fixed any deal with the nations 4th biggest carrier in the market. Today, while announcing the holiday quarter earning calls, the company has announced that they have lost around 800,000 users from their carrier list because of the new iPhone release in the market. It appears that T-Mobile needs the iPhone as soon as possible, but Apple seems not be interested in making a deal with the company.

It appears that after announcing their holiday quarter earnings call, T-Mobile is now blaming the iPhone for their poor performance, and wants the device on their board as soon as possible. As we know, T-Mobile network is currently not purely compatible with the T-Mobile network, but still the company announced last year that they have more than 1 million of iPhone users on their network. It is reported that T-Mobile is announced that they are upgrading their network to next generation 4G LTE technology to officially carry the iPhone for their customers.

The interesting fact of the earnings’ call is, T-Mobile actually only talked about iPhone’s absence on their network, and points out its absence as their poor performance. The carrier is now obviously looking forward to make a deal with Apple on the iPhone for their network, but before actually striking the Apple’s door, they want to update their network. It appears that iPhone 4S has just saved the Sprint from the same status, as T-Mobile is facing at the moment. Last year, we have reported that Sprint has spent a big money from their pocket to get iPhone on their board.