Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

T-Mobile CMO: We Are Not Getting Any iPhone This Year

While hitting the headlines second time in a week, T-Mobile finally made a clear statement on the over going flying rumors about company may get the new iPhone. T-Mobile has just cleared the air with the statement that they are not going to get the Apple’s next generation iPhone, even they are also not getting any iPhone this year.

Earlier last month its highly rumored by sources that T-Mobile and Sprint both going to get the iPhone this year, but now the few latest report suggests that the news not more than a hawk. Now Sprint is only the carrier rumored to get the Apple’s iPhone, at least the old generation iPhone 4 this year.  If they get the new generation iPhone from Apple, than T-Mobile goings to be fourth and alone carrier of the land that have not relation with the world’s biggest smartphone manufacture.

The iPhone is a great device. We’d love to have it. If we were to get an iPhone this year, nobody has told us.

It seems that T-Mobile does not want to make a relation with Apple, by adopting their smartphone for their customers, there are also many clauses in this case, as we know AT&T and T-Mobile merger also gets heavy light from the US Government, so might be Apple not want to get its self trolled between the both companies by offering iPhone to T-Mobile.