Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Swype For iOS (Beta 2): Now With Improved Typing Accuracy, Blue Trace Line

Previously the Beta 1 was released at Cydia and now it’s updated with the trace of blue lines.

Swype for iOS could be fantastic. Swype uses drag-to-drag technology to enable users to be able to type on certain touchscreen devices simply by moving their finger over a selection of letters in continuous, fluid lines.

Beta 2 is an improved version of the Beta 1 of Swype for iOS in a number of ways, improved typing accuracy and the addition of a blue line makes it more of a worth to be used in iOS devices.The blue line helps you to trace your typing movements as you carry them out.

Here’s a video showing how Swype works on iPhone/iPod:


You can get Swype form the following repository


Video Courtesy (Redmond Pie)