Sat. May 28th, 2022

Survey Says 96% iPhone 4S Owners Are Very Satisfied, Siri Tops The List

After a little success of the Samsung on Apple with quarter earnings details, it’s time to discuss some research firm data after the availability of the most demanded smartphone of the year “iPhone 4S.” As we all know, Apple has already ruled for more than 16 months with its iPhone 4 on Samsung’s and Google’s every new product. The research firm ChangeWave has just released its result of an earlier November survey among around the 200 “iPhone 4S owners, and found out that around 96% of customers are very satisfied with the smartphone. However, there are quite serious bugs are floating in the iOS since the launch of iPhone 4S.

While gathering the survey data from the iPhone 4S owners, the research firm also conducts the survey regarding the most liked feature of iPhone 4S, and guess what? iPhone 4S new intelligent personal assistant Siri just topped the list of the most-favored features of the iPhone 4S. Where many of the users also like the ease of use, the new 8-MegaPixel camera, and fast browsing and performance of the device as well. On the downside, battery life issues and a lack of 4G (LTE) capability easily led the pack of complaints.

ChangeWave survey regarding the iPhone 4S covers almost every important fact of the iPhone 4S and than compares it with the last year data of the iPhone 4 owners survey. They have also focused on dropped calls rate of the iPhone 4S and founds out only 2.5%, while last year iPhone 4 data double from the current gen iPhone 4S. The significant drop is due in large part to Verizon now offering the iPhone, as Verizon iPhone 4S owners reported a dropped call rate of only 1.3% while AT&T iPhone 4S owners reported a rate of 4.1%. Sprint’s iPhone 4S dropped call rate was not broken out in the survey.