Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Support Jailbreaking, Tell the World Jailbreaking is Not a Crime

The copyright office, DMCA (digital Millennium Copyright Act) is going after the Jailbreak for all the Devices present out there. Last year in 2010, EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) declared Jailbreaking as legal in the United States. EFF pleaded the U.S Copyright office to make Rooting/Jailbreaking legal because one can benefit from their own device. The main aim of plead was to shave off the restrictions of DMCA regarding the Jailbreak/ Rooting of the Devices.

The exemption of this appeal ends after 3- years. The court hearing of this appeal was said to be held in spring of 2012.  EFF is trying their level best to carry on with the appeal of Jailbreaking as legal and trying their level best not to let DMCA take over this.

So the website will help you in supporting the Jailbreak community as legal. A hacker of Xbox called Bunnie Huang, have putted on a letter on the above website for the support of Jailbreak.

EFF would also appreciate if you can support them by adding a letter and telling about how the Jailbreak helps and why should be legal. More information on this can be found here.

If DMCA make the Jailbreak illegal and wins the case against EFF, so get ready to throw away your Devices because there won’t be anything called Jailbreak in future. Support EFF and Bunnie Huang by signing on this website. Only 14 days are left for your support.

If you really love Jailbreak for your Device, so do support it.