Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

Super Steve Bros. i.e Going To Be The Next Hit in App Store

Guy’s we have been playing Super Mario Bros since childhood, and also have played the updated versions on Nintendo WII. Every time we see the changes, they are just the graphics and audio the story remains the same. We have seen out on World Wide Web a game by FRUIT Computers named as Super Steve Bros. This was though as a rumor but after reading this, it click’s that we may be playing this game on our iOS devices

Right now we are in alpha, we expect to reach beta (and send some lucky early fans invitations) in the coming month(s). The game well see the light before the holidays hopefully in time for your brand new iPhone 5.

This was said by Marcos Navarro, CEO and Founder of FRUIT Computer. It’s expected to hit the App Store in the coming fall.  So keep in touch with us for more news update on this application.