Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK Let Palm OS Developers To Seed Apps On iPhone

It would be really good opportunity for the unemployed developers of Palm OS to migrate their self and their piece of code to the most popular mobile platform. I mean Apple Developer Program. HP has killed their WebOS and its powered product, just because of the Apple’s most popular iPad tablet. The company has stopped the WebOS because they think its impossible to beat the Apple in the tablet market with their WebOS platform. While all the things going, last year we have seen an emulator for the Palm OS developers to seed their applications on Apple’s iPhone platform. StlyeTap was the company that releases the emulator platform for the developers, but sadly, they could not be able to land their app in the App Store.

StyleTap was not able to make their application emulator from the App Store, due to Apple’s App Store guidelines, and finally made the platform available for the jailbroken devices. Jailbreakers always take a lot of benefit from the third party authorities to test out the “unverified” applications on their devices. Now after a year of work, and success with jailbroken device developers. StyleTap has been just able to develop and launch the “StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK”, which allow Palm OS devs to perform the similar task. StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK allow developers to wrap their Palm OS written applications in an iPhone app that’s pretty ready to submit to Apple for approval in App Store.

Here’s the basic description on how it works:

StyleTap Platform for iPhone® cannot currently be purchased through the Apple App Store because it provides capabilities (e.g.the ability to download other Palm applications) that are restricted by Apple. The StyleTap iOS Wrapper SDK allows you as a Palm application developer to create an iPhone (iOS) application that “wraps” a Palm application inside StyleTap Platform for iPhone in a way that removes all of the restricted capabilities. You can then submit the resulting iPhone application to be included in the Apple App Store.

StyleTap aims to provide a new StyleTap designed platform to the Palm OS developers to wrap their applications for the non jailboken iPhone devices through a pre-ready Xcode template, which includes the instructions on modifying their applications to make it work on iPhone, and then for submission in Apple App Store.

Basically, Palm OS developers have to seed their .prc and pdb (Palm OS application) and licensee info to the StyleTap platform and SDK tools, then it will produce an iPhone app that ready to submit in Apple App Store, and its worth note here; you must require the Apple’s Developer Program.