Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Stuff Deleted Away From iDevice, Need Confirmation, RemovedSound Wil Create A Sound

You have used many mobile devices, many operating system’s.. Have you ever heard a deleting noice that means whenever you remove/delete a file form your device you have never heard a voice of confirmation which you do in many desktop operating system’s i.e MAC OS X, Windows, Linux etc. Now the third tweak of the TweakWeek is presented named RemovedSound by Andrea Oliva. Form last two day’s the two great tweak’s kicked out for the TweakWeeks were

SBVolume – Control the volume right form the SpringBoard.
LabelSlide – Change the text, “Slide To Unlock”.

This is the new tweak named RemovedSound at Cydia

Wonder what ? You guys may be thinking what will be the sound played during the elimination of any file and that is not far than a MAC OS X elimination sound. Yes the sound is the one chosen form MAC OS X.

To install this tweak you have to add the following repository of Andrea Oliva

Stay tuned to us for all the tweak’s coming from the TweakWeek.