Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Stride Let’s You Draw Something To Unlock Your iPhone / iPod Touch

Are you bored with the traditional iOS lock screen slide-to-unlock or PIN code design? If yes, here we have a totally new jailbreak tweak with a name of Stirde from a brilliant jailbreak developer and designer Adam Bell. Stride allows you to unlock your iPhone using the well-designed an 8-bit styled drawing for lock screen, and other security purposes that integrate the default iOS boring passcode option inside it to make it more powerful.

Stride is definitely a worth checking jailbreak tweak, which immediately going to impress yourself with its cool designed 8-bit drawing security screen and the concept from the excellent jailbreak developer. It automatically represents the highly calculated design behind the worth checking jailbreak tweak. Stride allows you to unlock your iPhone, iPod Touch in a really sweet way. To add more into it, Stride features straight to the point mentions in the settings’ panel, through which you can enable and configure it for your custom drawn pattern on your device.

Stride powers a slider to enable or disable the tweak, and Skip PIN entry, and change your password. The change your password option will bring a window to your iPhone screen and allows you to draw your own 8-bit pattern on your device, once you confirmed the pattern, then you will be able to use it as a your default lock screen. On lock screen it will prompt pattern with title “Draw Something” simply draw your configured pattern on the lock screen, and open your device.

If you are worried about your iOS security with this jailbreak tweak, then let me clear you that it works perfect with the iOS lock screen and PIN code lock, as it allows you to whether skip or not the PIN entry screen on your device while in the enabled mode.

Stride is an amazing jailbreak tweak that reflect mind-blowing graphics on the iOS devices, but seem to be a bit a premium with its $2 price tag. Well, we recommend you to have a look at the tweak; the tweak is much more worth checking if you are bored with old-fashioned and revised look tweaks in Cydia.