Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Streamified Lets You Put All Social Streams Into A Beautiful Journal

There are thousands of applications available in the world for computers, tablets, and smartphones to bring social networks in an interactive way into their devices, using the special permissions to access their social networks to bring news feeds right on their devices. While we have many applications, but still there is not a single application available which provides you an option to bring your different social network feeds into one place along with an interactive look.

Streamified is an upcoming iOS application especially targeting the iPad with bigger screen to bring huge content in an interactive on the device through different social network streams and give them a look of journal. Stremified is originally comes as the Chrome web browser extension which got a hell of attention from the users, and therefore, now the developer is moving to bring a new application of that service on iPad and iPhones.

Streamified is appeared to be really easy to use on the devices, as it allows users to add all of their favorite social streams into the app (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and more), than the app will filter down the content of several streams into different columns, and present them all in a journal view. The application also allows you to perform some advance filtering of your streams, just like if you only want to show the timeline of your twitter but not the mentions and direct messages than you can easily only allow timeline to be appeared on your device in the application.

The most interesting feature of the application is the capabilities of bookmarking the interesting stories and shared posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social network site. Streamified aims to be your solution for filtering out and focusing on your favorite social feeds.
The app is expected to be released very soon, we’ll try to get a hands-on preview of it as soon as possible.