Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Stream Media From iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Using AirPlay To Windows Media Center

Have you ever want to use AirPlay feature With Windows, but didn’t find any solution on it? It’s not a first time that we got hacks which enables the Apple’s AirPlay to other variety of platforms which were not officially supported by Apple. The latest hack which was covered by Thomas Pleasance, lets you to stream your content through AirPlay to straight Windows Media Center.

To get this hack working on your PC’s Windows Media Center, all you need to have download the Apple’s Bonjour service, which may be already on your machine and then install the Thomas Pleasance AirPlay add-in, after completing all the process now simply move your but to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and start streaming music and pictures over to it.


You can download Thomas Pleasance’s AirPlay for Media Center add-in here.

[Via Engadget]