Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Steve Jobs Spotted On Wheel Chair (Hong Kong Media Report)

The day since the icon of Computer Industry resigned became the target of the media. We are not talking about any simple man, we are talking about Steve Jobs. The EX-CEO of Apple who resigned few days back. It was not more than a day or two when we came across the bad health of Steve Jobs spotted at TMZ.

Later on the image was proved as fake which was spotted at TMZ. Now once again we came across some pictures in which Steve Jobs is not looking well and he is sitting on a wheel chair with the help of his friend accompanies by his son and wife.

In the above picture we don’t see MR. Steve Jobs the same as we used to see on the keynote and presentation of the new iDevice launches. He is now no more in his favorite Black Turtle-Neck T-Shirt and Blue Jeans in which he was used to be.

The pictures of Steve Jobs were first published in Hong Kong based news paper, Oriental Daily. The news paper published the first two photos which were posted first at The New York Post. When people at micgadget saw the headlines, so they bought the news paper and took it home and did the honor to show the peaceful life of Steve Jobs with his Wife and Son.

The moment we see that photo on the headlines, we spent HK$5 (60 cents) to buy the newspaper back home.

Hong Kong-based newspaper Oriental Daily published photos of Steve Jobs in wheelchair on headlines and inside page on August 29th.

The headline says, “Steve Jobs Not in Good Shape, Relies on Wheelchair”

The pictures above look good as compared to the previous ones and in this Steve Jobs is taking care of him self with the support of his son and wife. So all we can do is pray for his good health.

After this you would be really interested to see the reaction of Adolf Hitler on Steve Jobs resignation.