Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

First Photo Of Steve Jobs After His Resignation, Looks Very ill

As we all know Steve Jobs has recently announced his resignation from the role of Apple CEO and take it over to one of his closest person in Apple, COO Tim Cook. We heard couple of news about him on his resignation day from Apple, majority of people reports that he is not able to work more, due to illness, because from last 4 to 5 months he was on vacation from Apple, but still involved with Apple’s ongoing projects such as launch of White iPhone 4, iPad 2, and WWDC 2011.

But in last few weeks, we heard that Jobs is now housebound and can’t able to do work, and that’s why he at last announced his resignation from the Apple. Today we have been reported by one our fan that someone forced Steve Jobs to come out from his house after his resignation, because he/she want to take a picture of him, and the result is…. He is very ill, may god bless him.

The picture has been removed on the kind request of Casey Lynn Brodely.

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