Sat. May 28th, 2022

Steve Wozniak Also Waiting For The New iPad In Lines Out Of Apple Store

While many of you may already be waiting for the next-generation iPad in the big lines front of many popular Apple’s retail stores, it appears that some high profile geeks are also out there, and present in the line to cheer up the Apple’s lovers who actually bunked their random life activities and surviving in the lines from the couple of days to get their hands on the device. It is reported that Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Wozniak is also present in the line, and waiting for the new iPad launch right in front of the Apple’s retail store without enjoying any luxurious treats from the retail stores or from the employees of the company which he founded along with Steve Jobs many years ago.

Wozniak is appeared to be fan a lover person, as it decides to go directly to the Apple’s retail store and joins the line front of the Apple Retail store to get its hand on the device. While it is not really difficult for the Wozniak to get his hands on the latest iPad without even being wasted a single second, but still he decided to go out and joins the Apple’s product lovers. Steve Wozniak has already joined the line of people who are waiting for the new iPad at East Coast this morning, will be waiting for the new iPad here sitting front of the stores. The folks over the lines got chances to meet him, and take his interviews about his venture in the waiting lines.

While Wozniak told the reporter that he was not first on the list, but his wife was. Both Wozniak and his wife have joined the line recently in front of the store, and waiting for the new iPad from last night. The new iPad is about to launch in the couple of next minutes, so we can see a lot of comings out tonight regarding the new device. Meantime check out our already covered couple of posts targeting the iPad 3.