Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Steve Wozniak Exclusively Receives His Galaxy Nexus From Android Team

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder at Apple, and one of the most known personalities of the tech world these days making rounds of the Retail Stores to get latest devices exclusively. Steve Wozniak, recently appeared at Google’s Head Quarter with the latest device of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the phone comes with the aim to defeat Apple’s pride iPhone 4/4S. Wozniak, reportedly one of the first people of the U.S who got early access on the device.

Google and Samsung already release the Galaxy Nexus in the UK this week, and rumored to be get listed in the Verizon’s internal system and soon will be available to purchase from Verizon within next few weeks. The exclusive Wozniak hand on the Galaxy Nexus is confirmed by the Google Engineer, Krill Grouchnikov has posted the couple of Wozniak’s pictures with Android team on receiving his Galaxy Nexus. And before some day, the tweet comes from the Woz twitter account that he is looking for Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy stores.

So what does it mean? Wozniak – a self-proclaimed Android Fan or Android hater, and partner of Steve Jobs in conduction thermonuclear war against Google and Android?