Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Steve Jobs’ Worked On Apple’s “Next Product” Till His Last Day Of Life

We already know how Steve Jobs work on his lovely company and inspired the whole world with his working style and passion in Apple. According to the new study, it appears that Steve Jobs have worked at the very end day of his life in Apple. As we have heard back from couple of sources that Steve Jobs has visited the Apple Campus before his dead. Sources near to Jobs have already commented on public statements that Jobs has already give the next four years product line plan to Apple. today points to the comments of Masayoshi Son, CEO of the Japanese carrier Softbank unveils that Steve Jobs continued working on the “next product” at the last day of his life; he just revealed this information while giving the answers in the interview. According to the Son statement, he and Tim Cook having an meeting at the very end of Jobs life and Cook cut short the meeting and said that his boss is calling him which means that Jobs calling him to discuss about the next product of Apple.

Son has revealed all of the information while interviewing with U.S. Ambassador to Japan John and expresses his feeling regarding the death of Jobs and expresses who he inspire him and the whole tech world.


While revealing all of the information Son cuts the statement and does not reveal any information about the next product of Apple on which Steve Jobs working till the last breathe of his life. Couple of other sources also claimed that Jobs is highly involved in the all going plans of the Apple regarding the iPhone 5 and iPad 3, so we can assume it that Jobs might be talking with Cook regarding the iPhone 5 or iPad 3 launch strategies.