Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Steve Jobs’ Was Remotely Present At The iPhone 4S Launch Event

We are now aware of the fact that two days back Steve Jobs’ passed away. And the day before he passed away, Apple introduced its iPhone 4S. This year Steve Jobs’ didn’t attended the event physically, but he did saw the event remotely.

The confirmation about this comes from Cultofmac, which claims that its sources told them that Steve Jobs’ didn’t missed the event of the iPhone 4S. He sawed the vent from his bed of Death:

We don’t have many details, but we have it from a good source that Steve Jobs watched the launch of the iPhone 4S from his death bed.

This is pretty good that Steve Jobs’ was so lucky that he sawed the event remotely and used his own innovative technology the last time before his death.

They also say that:

According to our source: “At the end of the show, he smiled as if to say ‘All things are in good hands’ but did not utter a word.”

This can be the possible reason behind the suddenly rejection of Apple stated that it won’t be streaming iPhone 4S event live this year. They wanted Steve Jobs’ to see the event live and see how is new product is.

The sources of Cultofmac denied to give any information in detail. The source is said to be well-connected and spoke on condition of anonymity.It is believed that Steve Jobs’ died the following day. The event was on 4th of October and the news of his death was broke out on 5th of October. But it seems that he died the same day and the news was brought out late.

Well, Today is his funeral and no Public Memorial Funeral is planned by his family. They have setup-ed  a small and private funeral of MR. Steve Jobs’.


There is a correction to make that he was not on his bed at that time, instead he was sitting on his favorite sofa relaxing and was watching the keynote.

“He was sitting in his favorite single soft leather sofa chair and having apple juices with rice pudding, as his favorite.”

The last day of his life he had an Apple juice and his favorite rice pudding.