Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Steve Jobs Technology With Key Players at The Table With Obama

Hey folks we told you before that President Obama has invited the Facebook,Apple, Google,and Microsoft C.E.O’s on dinner to discuss about latest technology.

On the official Flickr account of the White House has published a photograph of the protagonists of American technology yesterday at the invitation of Obama attended a dinner in San Francisco. Obama’s goal was to provide the latest information on technology and discuss the common goal to promote the American technology.

In the photo is Steve Jobs left Obama a toast with an opinion like Eric Schmidt of Google, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg CEO Carol Bartz of Burg and others.

But wait not every one is there. Some one is missing. We forgot about Microsoft Steve Ballmer. Let’s see what Obama and others have to say about him.

Now that was for fun. No hard feelings. 😛