Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Steve Jobs Suffering From HIV-1, Says WikiLeaks

Steve Jobs the C.E.O of Apple Inc is reported to have HIV+ according to WikiLeaks. In past Steve had bad Health and went on a Medical leave for months which made the Apple Inc Share fall down.

The analysis was conducted in September, 2004. Wiki Leaks also posted some pictures of the Medical file which is said to be of the 53 Years old Steven Paul Jobs.

The two first two constrains of HIV-1 strains seem to be common in the world.

If Steve Jobs did have HIV, it is possible that his pancreatic cancer was a Kaposi’s sarcoma, which are noted to emulate pancreatic cancer in HIV-positive patients. Steve Jobs also follows a diet occasionally recommended to AIDS patients as an alternative therapy.

Wikileaks before publishing any document carefully check their veracity but as a matter of Security some blog went online to see if he can find any product signed by Steve Jobs.

Above is the picture which makes it more clear that the sign shown above match the same sign done on the medical file.

Still a big props to Steve because he never let any one knew about his bad health and he kept on working and made the best product ever.