Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Steve Jobs’ Private Funeral Happening Today

Two days back we lost the icon of Apple, the iMan. The person who changed the world with his way of thinking. The person who changed the way people used to listen Music, use Cell Phones, and use their Computers. The person is one and only “Steve Jobs'”.

At the age of 56, Steve Jobs’ lost the battle with Cancer and departed from this world. He was the co-owner of Apple inc and the CEO of Apple. He founded Apple at the age of 21 and worked on it for 35 Years.After the news of his death, the whole world was sad and was mourning on his death.

Image courtesy: neatorama.

The family of Steve Jobs’ finally decided that it is time for  Steve Jobs’ to Rest In Peace. WSJ reports that the family of Steve Jobs’ isn’t planning a public memorial for the Funeral of Steve Jobs’. The event is characterized as a small private gathering in which relatives of Steve Jobs’ will be called.

There is no public memorial planned for Mr. Jobs’s death, said an Apple spokesman. 

In a letter to Apple’s employees on Wednesday, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said that the company is “planning a celebration of Steve’s extraordinary life” for staff that will take place soon.

Million of Fans of Apple and Steve Jobs’ tool memorial service in their own hands after hearing the sad news. They started to light candles, post notes on Apple Stores and started to put Flowers in the memory of Steve Jobs’.