Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Steve Jobs Has Only Weeks to Live

The National Enquirer is Reporting That Steve Jobs Has Only Weeks to Live, and They Have Photos

The photos of Steve Jobs appearing in the National Enquirer, show Steve looking very skinny and withdrawn. Steve Jobs took another medical leave of absence earlier this year without expected return date. National Enquirer has published some photos showing Steve Jobs while going to breakfast with his wife before going to the Stanford Cancer Center in California.

“Neither are oncologists or have seen Steve in person. Mirkin, a radio talk show host, claims he has a “20-year track record of spotting breakthroughs and recommending effective treatments long before they become standard medical care” and makes his assessment of Steve based on the appearance of Steve’s butt in the photos. Yes, this doctor is making a butt-diagnosis, remotely.”

It says that Steve Jobs now is in a terminal condition and that no more than 6 weeks of life. Anyway there is noting to do but hope that these news aren’t true 🙁

via [Enquirer]