Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Steve Jobs Expected To Attend Tomorrow’s iPhone Event

Well everyone had this question that is the co-founder attending tomorrow’s event in which the new iPhone is going to be unveiled. We know that on August 24 Steve Jobs resigned due to his bad health and was elected as the Chairman of BOD. Many rumors claimed the presence of Steve Jobs at tomorrow’s event but you know what rumors also claimed the bad health of Steve Jobs.

We have to believe on strong sources as the AllThingsD were leaking the date and place for the event. Today Robert Scoble (Blogger) said that Steve Job’s wont be at tomorrow’s event and he refers a CNET post for it.

I’m hearing that Steve Jobs won’t be at tomorrow’s press event. He’s just not feeling well enough to come out in public, I hear.

He briefly said this on his Google+ status.

What can we say because as soon he resigned from Apple a picture was leaked and it had the Steve Jobs in real bad condition as he has suffered from Liver Transplant plus now he is suffering from pancreas cancer. We should hope for his good health as he is the godfather in technology word, isn’t ? The iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac.. Isn’t Great ?

On WWDC ’11 the confernce was started by Steve Jobs and then was done by Phil Schiller, Scot Forstall and he wasn’t there in between as he was at the doctor and after that he introduced iCloud. So we can hope for the tomorrow’s event too the same alike thing which happened on the WWDC ’11. If he is really in the bad health then we should pray for him instead of saying that he should move his ass to the event, he is giving you the new iPhone what else you want ??

We will be covering the event tomorrow so stay tuned.