Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Steve Jobs Email Suggests iWeb Will Be Discontinued

If you are a user of Mac OS X and also a web designer mostly works on the Apple’s web creation suite, iWeb, and has published a web through theirs MobileMe services, then today we have bad news for you. According to the report by MacRumors, their one user has contacted with Steve Jobs through his legitimate email address and got words from it, which suggest that Apple will discontinue the MobileMe services and also those services of web hosting. As we know, Apple has introduced the iCloud, a cloud based storing service which turns MobileMe into it. Steve Jobs suggests through the email that users have to find alternative web development suite, which also provides the facility of hosting their stuff.

The Email:

Q: Dear Mr. Jobs,

Will I need to find an alternative website builder and someone to host my sites?

I have invested a lot of time and effort and the thought of re-training sucks more than mobileme ever did.

A: Yep.

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In the keynote of WWDC, Apple announced that MobileMe service will only available for existing customers and will not cost users until the June 30, 2012. Because after it, Apple properly discontinued all of the MobileMe services, this time Apple didn’t speak out any word about it.