Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Steve Ballmer Claims “Pretty Important”, Windows 8

Steve Ballmer thoroughly explained about the importance of Windows 8 at the Imagine Cup 2011 which took place in NYC, USA. Some of the regarding talks were snatched out by WinRumors from the Speech

What’s Windows 8? How do we drive it? What do we make happen? What are the key phenomena? When do we get to release it? How do we make it better, and better and better? Yes, there are some other guys we compete with. Boom we’ve got to do better, and better, and better, and better, and better. It’s pretty exciting, pretty exciting stuff. Whether you consider yourself a businessperson looking at technology, or a technology person looking at technology, the opportunities for you are really going to be pretty fantastic. There’s a lot coming in our own case I think the news, the things that we have to talk to you as a group of technologists over the next few months, Windows 8 will be pretty important. You’ll hear more about that at our developer conference Build in September. But, you’re going to see a stream of things from us.

So what do u think, only few months are left for the BUILD conference starting from 13th September to 16th September. So stay tuned to us for information.