Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

STC To Launch iPhone 5 Along With 4G LTE Network

The era of 3G was not yet completed that we started to hear the rumors about 4G LTE from every where. First we heard this news from HTC Evo 4G and then the news seemed to end on Apple’s iPhone 5. But the wind seems to be changed. Some other companies might also launch 4G LTE enabled devices.

Now this 4G LTE won’t be limited to U.S.A but this service will also be released in KSA and in other countries also. We had a word on this 4G LTE launch in K.S.A with our sources and they said

“We cannot provide you with the exact time or date when this service will be launched. We are waiting for Apple to confirm us the iPhone 5 Launch date and we will release 4G service with iPhone 5 in K.S.A.”

Although on 22nd August 2011 BlackBerry 9900 was launched with the capability of 4G LTE and still 4G service was not launched. As far as we think carriers are waiting for the major release of the iPhone 5 which is said to have the 4G LTE technology enabled.

We are also waiting for the iPhone 5 anxiously and want to see what Apple will come up with this year. Lets hope for the best.