Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

STC Launched 4G LTE Network In Saudi Arabia & North Africa

Guy’s good news around North Africa and Saudi people’s, STC announced the 4G LTE network and is the first one to introduce around Gulf and Africa. The CEO of STC, Jameel Al Molhem announced

Company is continuing its pioneering role and its continuous quest in providing the most distinctive and latest services that are in par with international standards.  And today, the Company is introducing the latest in LTE 4th Generation technology which is the revolution in information technology providing a quantum leap in data transfer speeds wherever the customer is reaching more than 100 mb/s.

Jameel Al Molhem added more about the company’s past progess

STC was the first to launch the 3rd generation high speed network for the first time in the region in 2006 and was the first to upgrade its network to HSPA technology making it’s the first operator in the region to introduce this technology at unprecedented speeds in order to meet the increasing demands for QuickNet services.  This allows customers to enjoy new internet speeds that reach 42 Mbps for uploading data in locations that are covered with the new speeds.

He also said that the first phase of spreading 4G LTE will cover around 400 locations.

4G LTESTC also described the difference of speed between 3G’s HSPA and 4G’s LTE

The new LTE technology provides other attractive features such as high quality performance especially for mobile telecommunications at very high speeds and assists operators to enhance network capacity and strengthen network performance as the technology is 3 to 4 times efficient in terms of HSPA capability and is 2 to 3 times when transmitting data.

Well now the 4G LTE has stepped out from Europe and made it’s first step in Gulf, hopefully will be launching soon around the Gulf too. The packages will be announced soon.