Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Stay Connected With Facebook On Google+ (How To Guide)

Google Plus is the new Generation Social Networking which will be Launched by Google in few months. It is believed that Google+ will kick out Facebook when it comes to Public.

That’s the story of Future who beats whom. Any ways China blocked Google+ Before it was released. Any when it will be released, so people will manage some way on how to access Google+. Now the issue arises for people who are Facebook and they love Google+ and don’t want to loose their friends only because of Google+ and will for sure won’t come and miss this amazing new Google+ thing. So a developer called Crossrider might be one of those guys who will miss Facebook so much that he integrated Facebook in Google+.

This is true. Now you can connect to your Facebook account and see the stream of your Facebook on Google+ with a simple Plugin which is free and easy to Install.

Once the Plugin is installed, you will see the Sign of Facebook on top besides the Home button Google+ Home.

The stream will look like this.

After seeing the thing above you all will be willing to get one for your self also. So simply follow the Steps Below and get your hands on to it also

Steps to Follow:


Get Google+ Invitations for Free.


Once you are done and in Google+ Download this Plugin From here and install it. Once done you will soon be able to connect to Facebook and Enjoy the fun.