Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Sprint To Employees: Take iPhone 5 Launch As Secret

So how many of you really know that where we are with iPhone 5 launch? Seems that everyone is still bit sketchy about the launch of iPhone 5 and confused with flying rumors, well recently we have heard that the Sprint is also going to get an iPhone 5 from Apple and will launch the iPhone 5 on the same day, as Verizon and AT&T planned. We have also seen some parts leak in the recent couple of weeks around the globe, which suggests some old rumored specifications of iPhone 5 such as 8 MegaPixel camera and edge-to-edge screen of the device.

 Sprint iPhone 5 Launch

So now it has been reported that Sprint is really serious about the launch of iPhone 5 on its network and therefore by adopting the Apple’s known tradition of keeping device as a secret, now they are reaching out their employees and resellers to not to tell anyone about the possibly launch of Sprint iPhone 5, well there are lot of chances of Sprint iPhone 5 launch, because folks have noticed that there employees had not suggesting their customers to get a Blackberry or Android device,  instead of it they are now leaving their customers in the dark. So it clearly suggests us that Sprint is also carrying iPhone 5 this year.