Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Sprint To Officially Offer iPhone 5 “World Phone” In October

The clocks are ticking and time is passing by. People are gearing up and have started to sell their iPhone 4. If you don’t know why they are doing this, so you must have missed the news about the upcoming iPhone 5.

Many rumors claimed that iPhone 5 will be SIM Less or must be on CDMA and so on. But this was confirmed that iPhone 5 will beĀ  a “World Phone”, which means that it will be single device which will support GSM/CDMA both. This is also now proved by The Wall Street Journal that iPhone will also support CDMA.

“Sprint will offer the iPhone 5 in October”

If you know about Sprint, So Sprint is a CMDA carrier and it will be launching iPhone 5 on September 5. Well this amazing because iPhone 5 launch is expected to be Between October 7th-10th. It is also expected that the iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter than iPhone 4 and the design will be different. This update will be a major to iPhone. Few parts leaked recently also confirmed some rumors.