Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Sprint iPhone 4S Will Be SIM-Unlocked iPhone (GSM)

iPhone 4S already shocks the whole audience with its performance and the handsome feature of “Siri”, which attracts all of the customers to itself. iPhone 4S is also a World Phone, means you can run both CDMA and GSM connection on it, no need to buy different handset for CDMA carriers. Recently we learned that Unlocked iPhone 4S will does not support any CDMA carrier means, user can only run any GSM SIM on it.

Sprint iPhone 4S
In the new interesting report from the Macworld,  it appears that carriers also planned to play well with Apple’s iPhone 4S features, such as CDMA & GSM both support, as we know this year Sprint is also getting an iPhone 4S from Apple, but do you really buy iPhone from them? Well, according to new report it appears that Sprint CDMA supported iPhone 4S will be (GSM) SIM Unlocked iPhone, means you can run any GSM sim on it, while staying with locked iPhone 4S.

While on hearing this offer from Sprint, Verizon also announces that users can avail this facility on its network but not at this time, users have to wait for 60 days after the purchase of iPhone 4S to avail the unlocked iPhone 4S features. This is the really awesome news for those who wishes to get the unlock iPhone 4S, but they can’t afford its price. While staying on Sprint, you guys indirectly gets an unlocked iPhone 4S right on the price of locked iPhone. Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4Ss should start arriving on Friday, October 14th.