Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Sprint iPhone 4 Is Under Advanced Testing In Apple’s “black lab”

It seems that Apple now is in the move to provide CDMA iPhone to another cellular, means Verizon iPhone 4 now not only the CDMA iPhone, there would be another too. As we have heard from 9to5mac, according to their sources Apple is testing a new version of iPhone, which is designed for Sprint’s network and the design of the device is slightly different than from today’s iPhone 4, so it might be a iPhone 4S device, which is rumored form a long time that to be support for all carriers. The report also says that Apple had to order Sprint-compatible cell towers for their advanced testing, later in 2010.

Sources also point out the 4G Network support on the first generation iPhone for Sprint’s network, they claim that under testing device does not support for 4G bands, but may be soon. Sources also said that if Apple to implement 4G network support to Sprint’s network iPhone, than might be project pushed to late 2012. So it’s, clear here, if the Sprint’s iPhone 4 comes out this fall, it likely will not carry 4G LTE network bands.