Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Sprint Buying $20 Billion Worth Of iPhone 5 Exclusively

Already a lot of drama happened in the last couple of weeks on the topic, how many new carriers going to take the next generation iPhone models with them in market. We have been hearing from a long period that this year Sprint going to get the iPhone from the Apple. In addition to the previous words, WSJ reports that Sprint is readying up to “bet the company” to get the Apple’s next generation iPhone from Apple, by agreeing a term with the Cupertino company that they will purchase 30.5 million iPhone units in the next four years time period.

Sprint iPhone 5

The most interesting part of the Sprint term with Apple, the purchases of these devices in the next couple of years will not only limited to the customer purchase of device, Sprint can also buy the devices from  Apple just to complete the contract. According to the WSJ report, Sprint has bet more than $20 billion in the deal.


At the current stage, we must say that Sprint has bet the whole company to only bring the one device from  Apple, and to compete with the lands biggest carriers AT&T and Verizon, who already got customized iPhone model from Apple. We are pretty sure, Sprint will shock the rivals by inking such massive contracts with Apple. Sprint is expected to launch iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S with the HSPA+ network, and according to the Sprint executive previous words, the company will provide the truly unlimited data plan, and to become the lands first ever carrier with providing truly unlimited data package.