Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

SpotRemover: Removes The Spotlight Feature From iOS

One of the most useful and annoying feature of iOS is the Spotlight, sometimes it’s really help you in search a lot of content on your iPhone & iPad but sometimes it turns into the biggest problem. Suppose when you are hiding some confidential mails and contacts from someone and apparently the person asks you to give your device to him to make call, and while trying to make call he mistakenly enters into the spotlight and all your data opens to him, then in that case what will you say to him/her?

Well no need to worry or imagine such nightmare, because we have a new jailbreak tweak that can save your life from above discussed accidents. “SpotRemover” the new jailbreak lands in the Cydia and aims to remove the Spotlight completely from the iOS, before the launch of It we have seen such tweak which only hides the spotlight but this tweak will completely remove the spotlight feature from the iOS, also this tweak does not add any other icon to your homepage and does not through any further settings to adjust it.   If you ask me, this tweak really makes my day. As most of the time my iPad uses by my friends and family, and every time I gave access to them I am trying to remove all personal data, but after this I don’t think so that I have to delete my data anymore.