Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Speed Test Between MacBook Air 13-Inch 2010 vs 2011 Model (Video)

It’s always exciting to see the latest and greatest from Apple, but once the newest devices hit their system, the old ones are purged quicker than you can blink.  It can make it difficult at times to decide if the new system you are eyeing is truly better than the last.  Did you make a mistake waiting for the next one? Well, you’d better choose fast before resellers run out of the last version.

With that in mind, a video is available for you that  compares  the MacBook Air 2010  against the 2011 version.  Now you can tell at a glance what’s changed, improved and made you ready to lay down your credit card at the Apple Store.

From the video shows that the 2011 model is more responsive, that is to start up in the opening of applications. Even with more complex jobs, the increased reactivity of the new Air and how you feel. In short, Apple has greatly improved in a few months a device already performing.