Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Sparrow Push Brings Push Notifications To Sparrow App For iPhone

Earlier this month, we have posted about the arrival of famous Sparrow email client app in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, lacking the support for the iPad devices, but still many users quickly jumped into the App Store to get their hands on the application and replaces the stock iOS mail app with their Mac OS preferred Sparrow email application. However, it appears that the new Sparrow email application for the iPhone devices becomes a nightmare itself for the iPhone users, as the application lacks of push notification on the iOS devices, yes even on the latest firmware version.

Sparrow iOS email client app developers developed the application with some great coding skills and the use of email servers API to ignore the push notification function from the application and tries to provide the application with more battery utilization codes. But it seems that the users over the iOS devices doesn’t like the feature and start blaming the Sparrow development team for missing of the such a useful feature from the iOS application. Well, if you are one of those who earlier tested the application, and quickly remove it due to its lack of features and compatibility, then we have good news for you!

There comes the Sparrow Push, a new iPhone Tweak released in Cydia with aim to bring the push notification ability to the original Sparrow app for your iPhone. We have tested the tweak on our device and it works as it is advertised in the Cydia. Sparrow Push definitely is only available for those who have jailbroken devices, and there is no option for the users who have been running the application without jailbreak.

Sparrow Push allows the original Sparrow application to work in the background and automatically fetches the email updates from the web servers without letting the users, or disturbing them. Sparrow Push is especially designed for those who have recently kicked out the original device for not providing the push notification on the iOS devices, so if you have deleted the app from your iPhone, get it back and run along with this Sparrow Push.