Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

Sparrow For iPhone Updated To Version 1.1, Brings In-App Web Browser

Sparrow, the hottest mail client for the iPhone and iPod devices is just updated to version 1.1, with a number of new features after receiving negative reviews from the users. Sparrow, is one of the most awaited application for the iPhone users, who made its way to the App Store recently in last month. But it appears that most awaited application lacks the number of wanted features, and therefore, users start trolling the application across the internet.

However, the team behind the excellent email client has been busy in developing their iOS application more powerful, and in the progress, they have released an update to App Store targeting the addition of couple of new features in the Sparrow for an iPhone. The new Sparrow for an iPhone includes the “send and archive” feature, and much more. According to the team, they are working over nights to make their iOS application successful, as just as their Mac application. The new update is still not featuring the push notification feature for the iPhone users, as the company is facing problems with Apple in providing the push notifications to their iOS users.

sparrow 1.1 for iphone

The team behind Sparrow has just announced in the release notes of this latest version that they are working on push notification service, and soon the service will be included into the email client for the iPhone. They have announced that they will provide the push notification with Apple or might go with some other third-party services that bring push notification to their email client for iOS. It has been confirmed recently that the company is working on push notification API to make it work with Apple Push notification’s services, and also looking forward to including the feature in the application as soon as possible.

The new release brings a series of additions including:

New features:
– Built-in web browser
– Send & archive
– Empty trash
– Empty spam
– Dock badge preferences by account
– Show/hide labels and folders
– Choice to include attachments when forwarding messages

Bug fix:
– Compatibility with mail servers
– Improved mail servers detection (gApps login error, self-signed certificates)
– Composer wrapping behavior
– Custom SMTP for alias
– Issue with SMTP without password
– Message view behavior with email that do not scroll
– Swipe gesture to add custom account
– Refresh starred / unread using pull to refresh
– Fixed account list scrolling with more than 10 accounts
– Video attachments are shown fullscree

The next Sparrow 1.2 update is slated to feature the application localization in up to 9 different languages, and it will include the landscape editing mode for the iPhone users. There are also chances that the next update will include the push notifications to iPhone users.