Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

South Korea Forces Apple To Replace Faulty iPhones With New Devices

In the last couple of months we have seen some strict decision talk between Apple and South Korean Government regarding the Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices return/change policy. South Korea is now the first country who force Apple to re-think about its global customer service policy regarding the faulty iPhones. The country officials have pressurized Apple to replace faulty iPhones with new iOS devices instead of refurbished iPhones, but the offer is only for those customers who reports about the defect within a month of purchase.

At first place, Apple refused to provide new iOS iPhone instead of refurbished model, but after the action of officials. Apple finally changed its policy in the country, also the South Korea is not the first time come us a hurdle in the success of Apple. We have seen around 27K people registered lawsuit against Apple’s locationgate issue, after the ruling of Judge where Apple forced to pay 1 Million ($946) to local guy over locationgate issue.