Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Sony’s “Unlimited Music” On-Demand Music Streaming Service Coming To iOS

Earlier this year, we have reported you that Sony is planning to extend its “Music Unlimited” on-demand music service to the iOS users, and therefore, they have been working with the developers and other media to become an official music provider to the iOS devices with their monthly based subscriptions. Sony’s ‘Music Unlimited’ is a completely entertaining music streaming service, that allows you to access almost every song on the cloud, and lets you even download the content for offline play on the devices. It has a wide range of sound track’s collection, more than 10 million of tracks are available to stream, most of the content is based on-demand.

Sony’s Music Unlimited is a music streaming service that allows you to stream the music content on the wide range of platforms for the cost of $9.99 a month. With Sony Music Unlimited you can listen to songs on your computer, Android phone. Sony Enabled devices, and soon the most awaited iOS devices.
One of the most interesting facts of the service is the feature of download the content on your device for free of cost to use it for offline playing, and lets you share the playlists with other devices. The offline playing service don’t require any kind of wireless signal to make it fist authentication of the tokens. It just simply started streaming the offline stored content on the device without any kind of restrictions.