Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Sony Will Completely Restore PlayStation Network This Week

So finally after two and a half month of PlayStation Network downtime due to the continuous hacking attacks from the famous hackers group LuLzSec, Sony now announcing that they will completely restore their network again for the world in this week, when they assure their government by again reactivating their service that its now safe to play and serve. According to the hacking scenario and reports, it is reported that Sony is currently working with FBI department to hunt down and identify the hackers of LuLzSec group. The group of hackers claimed that they hacked into the servers of Sony and hacked its PlayStation Network for users.

It is also reported that during hacking attacks on the data centers of Sony, groups of hacker obtained the account information of more than 100 million PlayStation Network, obtained information is like “Credit Card Numbers, Address, and other personal information). In the investigation report we found that group of hackers LuLzSec had rented the Amazon’s Cloud servers to attack the Sony’s PlayStation Network