Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Sony Suffers Another CyberAttack, 8500 User’s Personal Data Exposed to Hackers

As we have reported several times before about the Sony’s ongoing fight with hackers cyber-attacks on its PlayStation Network, last time we heard about 100 million accounts user personal data exposed which contains the all information of user which Sony conduct, like Credit Card numbers, Social Security Numbers.  And now this time we hearing from sources that Sony is now again in another under attack, this time there are no further words on it.  But according to report of Reuters from Jiji news, claims Sony again loss the user’s data and this time the roughly amount of infected users are 8,500 which belongs to three different countries which have been affected by the latest security breach.


As we have reported before about this, that Sony’s Greek website is under attack, so this personal information of users has been leaked because of the attack on Greek Website, well here is no official words on it from Sony, and also its unclear which type of data is exposed to the hackers. Anyways at the time of writing this post, Sony’s Greek website is back and working fine.