Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Sony Introducing Unlimited Music Service On iOS Devices

In recent years, Apple had created a dynamic wall of restrictions on its platform to protect iTunes monopoly over Music in iOS devices, and prevented the third party music stores to land on iOS platforms especially to provide the subscription base offers on Apple devices. However, last year, Apple relaxes its policy and allows third party stores to land on App Store with offers to iOS devices users. It appears that with the start of New Year, Sony has planned to hit the iOS devices with its new app and subscription model to provide music on devices.

Sony has announced that they are soon launching Sony’s Music Unlimited service to the iOS device owner, on the monthly subscription plans, starting from $4 to $10/ a month. Users who subscribe to the service will be able to stream music on their iPods, iPhones and iPads, sometime in this year. Sony has planned to introduce something what is already available in the market for the iOS users, but now wants to rule over other parties with their own rights on the music. Another report suggested that Sony has planned internally to discard the iTunes contract over distributing the content to iOS devices, and will bind users to use their apps on devices to access Sony Music.

The logic behind the Unlimited Service launches for the iOS devices, is to attract users about the future gadgets from Sony, as well as comes directly to challenge the iTunes in the market. However, Apple has already a big control on its platform with its new iCloud, and iTunes in the cloud services which provides enough features to the iOS users. iCloud on iTunes has entirely changed the way people uses to store their music on devices; it provides mind boggling backup of music along with iTunes Match service.