Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Sony Got Permission to Access Geohot’s PayPal Records of Last 2 Years

The fight between Geohot and Sony on hacking Sony’s PlayStation 3 gets worse than before, recently Sony got permission to access the visitor log files of Geohot official website and now Sony got the permission to access the records of last 2 years, Geohot’s official PayPal account to check who supported him by donating money and to drag down every person in the lawsuit.


This means Sony can access anyone’s detail, who donated to the Geohot since 2009. This would be happen after Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero accepted Sony’s request for PayPal records. Wired point out the more details on it:

Regarding the PayPal account, Sony claims Hotz has accepted monetary donations for the hack from people residing in Northern California — an argument that, if true, might make San Francisco a proper venue for the litigation.

Currently, Geohot was sued by Sony two months ago on jailbreaking their gaming console PlayStation 3, and to make the jailbreaking tools available tool to the public. With aim of accessing its PayPal log, Sony wants to reach its supporters who support him