Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Snapheal- The App That Can Do Magic With Photos (Review)

Till this day you would be a great fan of Adobe Photo Shop and other very expensive software’s. The software’s which require some knowledge, skills and are complicated to use. Without the knowledge of Photo Editing, you cannot use those software’s but still you try to buy them and then learn to use them. Some of you might have gone into a great mess after buying those expensive software’s. You might be regretting the purchase of that software by the end of the day. Anything can happen. One more thing that those software’s need some experience and right person on the job.

So, what if you could get a software at amazing price with all those professionalism techniques. To use that software, you don’t require any expertise in that field. It doesn’t matters, whether you are a noob or an expert. The price of the software is also affordable and you won’t regret after purchasing it. You can do complex things on the go. No hard work is required. Just imagine that this kind of software can change your life. Before you purchase the software, you would be assured that you aren’t wasting your money and time on wrong product. To find some sort of software is really hard. Isn’t it?

If you are a regular reader at FreakGeeks, So your answer would be NO. If you aren’t one of those lucky ones, so your answer would be a big YES. So if you are a regular reader at GreakGeks, so you might have gone through the news that you can easily edit your pictures on your iDevice on the go. Same, no hard skills required and you don’t need to be professional. We told you about an App called FX Photo Studio. The App which let you edit your Photos on your iDevice and share them on the go. After the successful launch of the App, FX Photo Studio, MacPhun, came up with more innovative and creative App for MAC OS X.

The new innovative and creative App released by MacPhun, for MAC OS X is called Snapheal. Snapheal is the App which does magic on your photos when you are using it. Snapheal is the newly launched App for MAC OS X by MacPhun for Photo Editing. This App makes you rid of all those expensive and high tech software which you used to use for editing your photos. Snapheal for MAC OS X has made Photo editing a lot easier than before. With this App, you can remove unwanted things from your Photo with just Two Clicks. Just Two Clicks. A part from removing unwanted objects, you can also edit the color, brightness and much more in your photo.

You can see the demonstration video below:


The App comes with built in Video enabled Tutorials for your help on the spot. You don’t need to pay for anything extra to get help. Everything is at your fingertips.

Below is the list of what things you can do with this App:

Remove unwanted objects from the image 
• Make skin imperfections vanish 
• Erase unwanted text (watermarks, etc)
• Dramatically enhance photos with clone & stamp tool 
• Lighten dark areas 
• Sharpen images 
• Add blur
• Adjust saturation, gamma, light levels, shadows and much more

The list doesn’t ends here. It continuous. And the most important thing is that, you can share your creation with your friends and followers on social media and E-Mail.

This amazing App is available on the App Store at an introductory price of $19.99 but if you purchase the App before 25th December, you will get an amazing discount of 50% on which the App is sold for now. The cost after 50% goes to $9.99 on which the App is selling now. After the above mentioned date, the App will go back to $19.99. So hurry up before it is too late.

You can purchase Snapheal from the MAC App Store Link (Here).