Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

SMSmileys: Let Your iPhone To Convert Text Smiley Faces Into Emoji Icons

While chatting or texting someone using the iPhone or iPad it becomes a big mess for the users who like to convey their feelings through the emoji icons, as the Apple has not yet supported the emoji icons directly but in the most latest build they have at least made it a option for the users to use emoji icons in iOS devices, but to use those icons we have to switch our keyboard into emoji keyboard. We don’t know why Apple has not yet supported for the ASCII smiley faces into emoji icons, many users argued on this drawback of iOS devices. As I am one of big fans of emoji icons i also like to use lot of emoji icons while chatting with my buddies around the world or while contacting with any our reader.


However, Apple has yet to say anything about the adoption of such feature into the iOS, and we also don’t expect such kind of addition into iOS from Apple. Well, thanks to jailbreaking community, here we have an option to bring the function on our iPhone and iPad devices with a simple installation of a new tweak named “SMSmileys”. The tweak simply adds a snippet of code into the iOS system that let the iPhone and other iOS devices to automatically convert the ASCII smiley faces into emoji icons on our devices.

SMSmileys is a simple and cool tweak that doesn’t come up with any kind of options and configurations to set it, instead it start works on your device once it is installed in the device through Cydia. It will automatically convert all the contextual smiley faces into emoji icons, and eliminates the need of switching our keyboard into emoji keyboard for the use of emoji icons in our chats.

SMSmileys is available in the Cydia’s BigBoss Repository for free of cost, you can download the tweak on your device and enjoy the conversations on your device.