Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Smartphone Maker Goes Against Apple On Nano-SIM Card Design

Apple already dropped the old generation Mini-SIM cards from its iOS device series, back in 2009 during designing the iPhone 4, and adopted the smaller Micro-SIM cards to achieve more space on the device, and fill up with other hardware chips without expanding the size of the device. The new smaller in Mini-SIM cards work exactly similar to the old-generation Micro-SIM cards, and produce same results but uses less space in the device. Apple ditched the Micro-SIMs to improve their iPhone design, and after the iPhone 4 release Apple equipped every other GSM with Mini-SIM cards.

However, in the last summer Apple again reveals its thoughts and ideas about the new slimmer SIM cards, even slimmer than Mini-SIM cards named Nano-SIM cards to use them in its upcoming devices and want to regulators to approve the design and idea of the SIM cards. However, it appears that the fellow tech company in the market is not sided with Apple this time, as Apple wants this new Nano-SIM design to improve their iPhone series design with wasting any extra space for the SIM cards in the iPhone model.

Last year, Cupertino Company submitted the new Nano-SIM card designs to the European Telecoms Standards Body for the approval of use these smaller SIM cards in mobile phones. But since the Apple has submitted the designs for the nano-SIM cards it appears that its biggest rival’s Android maker-Google, RIM, and Nokia of Finland become an opposing group to the Apple’s idea, and started defending the approval of this Nano-SIM card design.

According to the reports, European Telecoms Standards Institute is about to announce their final decision over the new nano-SIM card design approval, and therefore to get all partner’s approval for the new design, they got votes system on board to choose what to do with the Apple’s request. It is reported that Apple has backed with couple of European Carriers on the new Nano-SIM card design but still Apple stays behind the Nokia, which have around 92 votes over the board with opposing decision to Apple, while it is reported that Apple has not yet entered in the market with full support, but it is expected that If Apple enters, the company will surely win the approval of the usage of new nano-SIM card in the new-generation devices.