Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

SlideAway: New Tweak Brings Android Like Unlock Screen To Your iOS Device

We guys have seen many Android like themes, unlocks, boot logo but this is just the same thing as in Android (Only the unlock screen), the name of this lock screen is Slide Away. The interface will contain a bar showing two new icons which can be selected via Slide Away Loader Preference in the settings and you will be able to access them directly. You can also control your brightness on the lock screen itself.

Preferences can be adjusted by SlideAway Loader Preference Settings in the iPhone: from here you can change the duration of the animation, the gestures and change the buttons that appear on screen. Finally, all aspects of SlideAway will be fully customizable and theme-makers can develop appropriate projects to ensure a unique lockscreen of each user.

Well this time this tweak is not released to rock your iPhone, and other iOS devices, but surely it will come soon in Cydia