Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Skype Updated To Work With Facebook

Few days back Skype was updated on MAC OS X with a new feature which allowed you to share screens and video calls with group. Looks like finally we came to knew about what Facebook was about to introduce this week. It was expected that they would introduce an iPad App but soon we came across a new Rumor that Facebook will introduce a new UI and HTML 5 based version. But today Skype got an update in which a new Feature was spotted.

Skype got update to work with Facebook.

If you go into the View option of Skype you will see a new Feature of Facebook.

When you will click Facebook, it will ask you to enter the ID and Password of your Facebook account. Once done now you can Enjoy Facebook in Skype.

Once you are signed in with Facebook for Skype, So you can Update your Status, call the friends who are added on your Facebook and are also added to your Skype Contacts.

All you have to do is go to Help and check for updates and update your Skype and enjoy the new Feature in Skype. rest is yet to come as Facebook will be introducing something really new to its website. It might be Video calling integration with Skype.

So stay tuned.