Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Skype For iPad Does Not Works On Modified (Jailbroken) iPad’s

Earlier morning, Apple Store accidentally release the Skype for iPad and iPad 2, but later the application was removed from the App Store for few hours, but at last after few hours’ secret conversation, the Skype HD for iPad comes again in the App Store. The Skype For iPad is released in the U.S iTunes Store. We all know very well that lot of users are waiting for the app for quite some time. On the release of application many users download the application and tired to run the Skype on their iPad, but the app throws them an error that the app can’t run on the modified OS device, which clearly means jailbreak iPad.


So if you are one of those, who smartly jailbreak your device to modify it and now wants to run a Skype on their iPad, you firstly have to restore your device to factory OS, and then try to install the app and run it on your iPad. At this time there is only way to run Skype on iPad is to lose your jailbreak or wait for another tweak / hack which cracks Skype for iPad to run on jailbreak iPad.