Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Skype For iPad Gets Pulled From The App Store Due To Premature Release

Later today we came to see the Skype for iPad App in App Store which is now removed by Skype.After few minutes of the release Skype got pulled and Skype Tweeted that:

To ensure your best Skype experience, we’ve temporarily removed Skype for iPad which went live prematurely today.

It seems Apple accidentally published Skype for iPad App without bringing it in their knowledge. The company also said that:

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting Skype for iPad and apologize for the inconvenience.

The new thing which founded in Skype for iPad are as follows:

  • Video calling on Skype for iPad works over 3G and WiFi
  • Skype for iPad is compatible on firmwares 4.0+
  • You can Skype all supported devices from the iPad (Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.)

Previously Skype also did the same with the Video of Skype for iPad 2, which also later on pulled by the company.