Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Skype For iOS Updated With New Interface & Bug Fixes

Skype is one of the best applications ever released for gadgets, and the best way to communicate with the buddies around the globe, as we all know Skype is famous for its VoIP calling and premium like free audio call features. Moreover, the application is almost available on every platform, like it is available on iOS devices, and Android Phones, etc.


Skype is also said to be best application for the iPhones, and iPad. Last year, Skype has launched the iPad application with the couple of new features, and then later rolled out many updates to the device. But this morning it is reported that Skype developer team has rolled out another new update to the application with some new UI elements and designs for the iOS devices, especially for the chat windows on the iOS devices. Skype team has released a new update to their iOS app with the version 3.7, and the new update includes some bug fixes, and improvements along with the new interface UI of app:

The update also features new Skype’s conversation chat windows, which are far better than old windows on the iOS devices, and in this update, the team rolled out fixes to the most known bugs and stability issues in the app for iOS devices. With the new update, the app works faster on the devices, as the new update fixes some issues with iOS 5 core systems that may prevent application to access files and hardware properly. Check out the new update of your app, and let us know what you think about the app?